I'm in awe after trying the TENOR treatment at Dr.Jes' clinic. The results...??? - Dermlaze

I’m in awe after trying the TENOR treatment at Dr.Jes’ clinic. The results…???

I’d like to share my life experience with lipolysis. I had it done in 2 places; stomach and outer thighs. I am not overweight, more of unwanted fat which is stubborn to lose. I’ve tried to diet and jog but found though my weight decreased the stubborn fat cellulite remained. I was devilishly pleased to find out about lipolisis. I’ve to admit though my research made me a little worried my confidence increased more than a 100% with the support of my husband.I did my fat reduction at Dr.Jes’ clinic; Dermlaze skin laser clinic, at Damansara Utama. He was a very polite and helpful, doctor. When I initially met him, I consulted him I wanted to remove the fat cellulite from my stomach and outer thighs. After the analysis, he quoted me a price and said this consultation was free.mymemory020601 on May 29, 2008

My friend’s life experience made me want to visit Dr.Jes too!

yela on June 3, 2008

I met Dr.Jes yesterday and he’s a very soft-spoken person. It made me very shy to show him the part I wanted to remove…I think I’m going to do my abdomen first most likely by the end of this month.

MamaIlya on June 15, 2008

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