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About Dr. Jeswender Singh

.MBBS from Mysore University
.Dip. Dermatology from Cardiff University
.Double Dip. Aesthetics from American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine
.Cell Therapy from International Association for Organotherapy
.LCP KM (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia)
.Cell Transplatation (Switzerland)

Dermlaze Skin Laser & Aesthetics Centre is a skin laser aesthetic medical center strategically located in the bustling area of Damansara Utama. Dermlaze Skin Laser & Aesthetics Centre is 10 minutes from Subang, 15 minutes from KL town,8 minutes from Mount Kiara and 20 minutes from Cheras. The centre prides itself with providing high qualitymedical laser and aesthetic treatments which show significant and consistent results. The centre is fully equipped with the latest, most sophisticated laser technology aiming to enhance your looks.

Our consultant, Dr Jeswender Singh has been practising aesthetics for 25 years. He has been for aestheticstraining specifically in Asian skin type in China and South Korea and laser aesthetics training in America.He regularly gives laser training for skin and beauty.

Here are some of the popular treatment here at Dermlaze:

Vaser Liposuction > https://www.dermlaze.com.my/our-services/vaser-liposuction/

Tattoo Removal > https://www.dermlaze.com.my/our-services/tattoo-removal/

Facelift > https://www.dermlaze.com.my/our-services/facelifts-2/

Nose Thread Lift > https://www.dermlaze.com.my/our-services/nose-thread-lift-malaysia/

Permanent Hair Removal > https://www.dermlaze.com.my/our-services/permanent-hair-removal-malaysia/

Hair Fall Treatment > https://www.dermlaze.com.my/our-services/hair-loss-treatment/

Dark Circle Treatment > https://www.dermlaze.com.my/our-services/dark-eyes-circle/



Dr Jeswender has been certified by many internationally recognized organizations throughout his career in pursuing aesthetic medicine, only to deliver the best of his abilities for his patients. The following are some of his efforts:

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