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Tattoo Removal Process In Malaysia

All About Laser Tattoo Removal in Malaysia


Tattoos are a permanent thing but after some time you may feel it wasn't the best decision to get one.

There are many reasons for wanting to have your tattoo removed. From an optimistic outlook, you no longer want to be burdened with a tattoo you seriously regret.

Some of the most common reasons for getting tattoo removal in Malaysia are:

  • The tattoo is affecting your ability to gain employment (such as having tattoos in a visible area like the face or lower arms)
  • Your tattoo is holding you back from reaching goals that you have set for yourself.
  • You have a tattoo that symbolizes something that is hateful or prejudiced and want it removed.
  • You want to have a tattoo removed that is a reminder of a past love or a hurtful emotional experience from your past.
  • You have a tattoo that did not come out the way you had hoped and it can't be fixed.

Thankfully you can have tattoos removed at our clinic in Petaling Jaya!

No matter what your reason is for wanting your tattoo removed, Dermlaze can help you when you decide to get laser tattoo removal.

Laser Tattoo Removal Dermlaze Malaysia

What is Tattoo Removal? 

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To understand what tattoo removal is and how it works, you need to know how getting a tattoo affects the body.

Many tattoo inks are made from heavy metal compounds, such as manganese, copper, and lead.  These metal compounds are what make a tattoo permanent.

Have you ever noticed how older tattoos become faded?  This is because, from the time you get that first tattoo, your immune system sees these metal compounds as something foreign in the body.  So it sends out white blood cells to surround them, where it takes the smaller ink particles to the liver to be processed and then excreted from the body.  It's a process that happens over time, so tattoo fading may not be apparent for years.

How Tattoo Laser Treatment in Malaysia Works 


Our laser tattoo removal in PJ, Malaysia works in the same way, but much FASTER.

Using a medlight laser, the ink in your tattoo is targeted with pulses of highly concentrated light.  This light breaks down the ink into tiny fragments that those white blood cells can pick up and carry away for removal.

The process of laser tattoo removal at Dermlaze generally takes more than one treatment.  Repeated treatments will penetrate deeply to break down and destroy the ink, making the process much faster.

Most tattoos need an average of 5 to 15 treatments to fully remove them.  Some may take longer than this due to certain inks being harder to break down quickly.  It's very rare that a tattoo can be completely removed in just one session.

The rate that tattoo removal takes is down to each person's body and their immune system.  Some may take longer than others to break these compounds down, where others may go more quickly.

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Laser Tattoo Removal services in Malaysia

Frequently Asked Questions About Tattoo Removal in Malaysia


Is the treatment for tattoo removal difficult?

The process is straightforward and non-invasive. At your initial visit, an assessment will be done by our physician.

You will go over any previous treatment history as well as examine the condition of your skin.  Our physician will then recommend a regime for treatment that will be the most effective and will give you optimum results using the laser.

Each laser treatment typically lasts between 30-40 minutes. The treatment is repeated after 3-4 weeks.

Is the treatment painful? 

The impact of the laser on the skin can be described as tiny pinpricks or a tingling sensation, which is a minor discomfort to some patients.

Our physician can help reduce this discomfort with a topical anaesthetic. Our laser has the unique ability to emit the laser in a random spray manner to further reduce the discomfort.

After treatment, the area will be slightly reddish and any discomfort will disappear within a few days.

What must I do after the removal? 

Post laser care is individualized and it is important to follow the physician's advice and instructions exactly for optimum results.

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