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Laser Tattoo Removal services in Malaysia

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Laser Tattoo Removal services in Malaysia

Tattoo Removal

There could be many reasons for possibly wanting your tattoo removed. From an optimistic outlook is you no longer want to be burdened with a tattoo you seriously regret.

Some of the most common reasons for tattoo removal are:

  • The tattoo is holding you back from getting a job.
  • The tattoo is keeping you from goals you have set for yourself.
  • You feel it's time to remove a tattoo that symbolizes hate or prejudice.
  • You want to remove tattoo(s) reminding you of a past love or hurtful emotional experience

No matter the reasons, Dermlaze skin laser centre extends our options of laser tattoo removal. The medlite laser targets the ink with pulses of highly concentrated light that break the ink into tiny fragments, which are then cleared away with your own immune system.

On contrary, laser tattoo removal isn't all done with one treatment. Repeated laser treatments can penetrate to destroy the ink better and faster. Most tattoos average 5 to 15 treatments for full removal - some longer and rarely removed completely after one visit. Certain ink colours are harder to remove and require more sessions. Because it is your body that actually breaks down the ink, every person's removal process will be different.


Before & After Treament*
Laser Tattoo Removal services in Malaysia Laser Tattoo Removal services in Malaysia

Question & Answer*

Is the treatment difficult?
The process is straightforward. At your initial visit, our physician will discuss with you your previous treatment history followed by an assessment of your skin condition. Consequently a regime for treatment is recommended for the most effective and optimum results using the laser. Each laser treatment typically lasts between 30-40 minutes. The treatment is repeated after 3-4 weeks.

Is the treatment painful?
The impact of the laser on the skin can be described as tiny pin pricks or tingling sensation which is a minor discomfort to some patients. Our physician can help reduce this discomfort with typical anaesthetic. Our laser has the unique ability to emit the laser in a random spray manner to further reduce the discomfort. After treatment, the area will be slightly reddish and any discomfort will disappear within a few days.

What must I do after the laser scar treatment?
You will be required to use a moisturizer and sun block for 2-3 weeks. Post laser care is individualized and it is important to follow the physician's advice and instructions exactly for optimum results.