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Weight Lost

Keeping your weight in check is a balancing act and calories are part of the equation. Weight loss is really about burning more calories than you take in. You can either reduce extra calories from your daily intake and increasing calories burnt through physical exercise, or read on about our weight loss programme.

LipoTrim is an advanced treatment program that has been designed for rapid weight purpose without hunger or muscle loss. Developed by an American doctor after extensive research, LipoTrim has been prescribed for well over 30 years by American and European doctors to help their patients lose weight and excess fat in the unwanted areas such as tummy and thigh.

Benefits of LipoTrim Program*

  1. Daily weight loss starts from 1st day of the LipoTrim Program.
  2. No relapse of weight gain after the treatment.
  3. Encourages long-terms weight maintenance.
  4. Improves metabolism.
  5. Maintains muscle tissue cell.
  6. Suppresses appetite.
  7. Increases energy level.
  8. Enhances clearer thought processes.
  9. Prevents accumulation of fat in the liver and promotes healthy liver.
  10. No nervousness, dizziness, mood swing, insomnia and trembling due to lesser food consumption.


Alternative: You may also opt for our Vaser Liposuction option here at Dermlaze. You can read more about Vaser Liposuction here.

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