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Dark Circle Treatment Malaysia And The Top 8 Reasons That Caused It (Avoid These)

It’s pretty normal be concern about dark eye circles and other signs of aging on your skin.

Avoiding direct sunlight exposure, using sunscreen, working late are basic measures you might take.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t guarantee that your skin is a hundred per cent safe from the damage. Even with basic precautions, your eye can be victimized by daily mistakes you make without being aware of.

Before we discuss the treatment option for dark eye circles, here are the top 8 reasons that caused it:

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#1: Lack of enough sleep


You probably have experienced having puffy eyes and sallow skin whenever you’ve missed a few nights of good sleep. If so, it might concern you that lack of proper sleep time can cause the skin to lose its skin vitality. The habit also introduces fine lines, and dark circles under the eyes. When your body is not getting enough sleep, it releases more of the cortisol stress hormone. When secreted in excess amounts, cortisol hormone can break down skin collagen, which is responsible of keeping the smoothness and elasticity of skin.

The lack of proper sleep can cause the body to produce little amount of human hormone. From young age till our adulthood, the human hormone plays a critical role in our body by promoting its growth via the increasing muscle mass, thickening of skin, and strengthening of the bones.

#2: Smoking

The adverse effects of smoking on our health have no limits. Not even our skin can escape them. Numerous medical studies have shown that tobacco smoking reduces arteriolar and capillary blood flow and damages the connective tissues that help in maintaining a healthy skin. The studies have also suggested that skin fibroblasts, which play an important role in tissue repair, can become damaged due to excessive smoking. What is even scarier is the fact that exposure to sunlight make eye bag worse when combined with smoking. The two collectively cause the skin to age faster. The studies have also reported that women have higher tendency of getting receiving more damage from the combine effects.


#3: Not wearing sunglasses


Most people tend to believe that sunglasses are just for fashion. But what many are unaware of is that sunglasses serve a bigger purpose as they help protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. So, if you thinking that it's fine to skip the sunglasses every once in a while, think again. Every time you go outside on a sunny day without your sunglasses, you are most likely to squint, which is a natural response to protect your eyes. However, repetitive squinting can cause wrinkles, commonly referred to as crow’s feet, to develop around your eyes. Therefore, sunglasses will come in handy in preventing dark circles.

#4: Not using a moisturizer

The skin moisturizes itself naturally with sebum oil which is secreted by the sebaceous gland. The sebum oil is very important for that skin as it forms a protective layer that guards us against viruses and bacteria. But if our skin can make its own oil, why do you we need to add a moisturizer? When we wash our faces, we remove that protective oily layer off our skin. This makes it more susceptible to bacteria and foreign microscopic bodies. It also causes our skin to dry out, leaving it exposed to the premature aging. Factors such as pollution and smoking can even make thing worse.

To keep the skin moisturized and prevent dark circles, you should take care of it on daily basis. This can be done by cleansing the it with soap and then applying a layer of moisturizer on it, which fills in small cracks in the skin and assists in keeping it hydrated, healthy and beautiful.



#5: Drinking from a straw


Facial expressions, including smiling, are one of the major causes of facial wrinkles. There is not much that we can do to prevent such natural habits, and certainly not smiling is not an optiony. However, there other avoidable daily habits that are known to cause wrinkles, and among them is drinking from a straws. Repeated straw drinking makes people purse their lips, a habit can eventually create wrinkles from the repetitive muscle motion.

#6: Going unprotected in the evenings

Your skin is most vulnerable from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m., when the sun is high in the sky. However, this doesn't necessary mean that you're safe to go out without sunscreen before or after that period. The skin can still get burned or damaged in the morning or evenings, and you shouldn’t fully depend on clouds for protection. No matter what time of day, if the sun is up, you have to wear sunscreen. If you don't, you might begin to see the growth of freckles, sunspots or blemishes on your skin.



#7: Sleeping with the makeup on


Out of forgetfulness or, sometimes, laziness women forget to remove their makeup before going to bed. It’s been revealed by a study that a third of women sleep with their makeup on at least twice in a week. But the dark side of this habit is it causes bacteria to form on the skin leading infections and eye bag. The makeup also clogged skin pores and oil glands which may cause to the development of acnes. When the makeup becomes impacted in skin pores, it can make them appear larger.  It also stretches them out and, unfortunately, since the skin collagen levels decline as one age, the pores will not turn back to their original size as easily.  Not washing the makeup way can also causes inflammation which leads to collagen breakdown, and eventually dark eye circles. A good way to prevent this habit is by keep makeup wipes next to bed as a nightly reminder to remove the harmful makeup.

#8: Not drinking enough water

Consuming an adequate amount of water on daily basis is important for overall health of human body. Water plays major role in our bodies; it aids in circulation, digestion, absorption and also helps in keeping our skins healthy and young looking. Contrarily, when your skin is not getting the enough amount of water, the hydration will sits in turning your skin dry, flaky and tight. Dry skin has less elasticity and is more susceptible to dark circles, wrinkles and aging.



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