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Threadlift & Facelift*

Thread lifts is a minimal invasive cosmetic facelift procedure. It can be done in an office setting with minimal anaesthesia and minimal downtime. Two types of thread lift procedures are currently being offered at Dermlaze skin laser centre; Serdev Suture Lifts, Cleo Gold Thread and Silhouette Lift. These procedures offer similar benefits:

  • To eliminate fine wrinkles
  • To improve skin colour
  • To smoothen deep wrinkles
  • To increase skin elasticity and texture
  • To delay the aging process
  • To reinforce loose skin

Breast Augmentation & Fat Transplant*

Fat grafting, or also known as fat transfer can rejuvenate areas and restore youthfulness to the hands, augment breasts and buttocks, increase volume in cheeks and provide the desirable pouty lips. During breast reconstruction, fat grafting can enhance the breasts by half a cup size and give breasts a softer touch and more natural-looking appearance to. At the same time, women who had loose breasts after pregnancy have seen satisfactory results with this procedure.


Body Sculpting*

Body shaping or body contouring is an alternative to liposuction used to tighten, firm and shape the body for a more youthful appearance. The introduction of body contouring has allowed the cosmetic surgeon to receive training in more than one method for the dissolution of fat and the tightening of skin cells. The procedure also can be done for breast reduction where only excess fat is removed.


Liposuction & Vaser Lipotisys*

Vaser Lipo has earned the place in the cosmetic surgery world, raising the industry standard for ultrasound liposuction procedures and other innovative techniques. Considered to the best in the world, the VASER® Lipo System - uses an advanced, patented fat removal technology that has become the trusted method in an industry saturated with fad procedures. Demanded by physicians and patients alike, the results garnered through this innovative and advanced technique are smooth and consistent with fast patient recovery.


Skin Whitening*

Skin whitening or lightening covers a variety of methods used to whiten (or lighten) the skin. Skin lightening methods are used to help balance out the skin coloring and to even out our skin tone. Increased melanin production - also known as hyperpigmentation - is often referred to as melasma, chloasma or solar lentigenes.
The skin whitening treatment is unique for each individual. Personal consultation is required so it is only appropriate to make a personal appointment.

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