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Fat Reduction

Laserlipolysis treatment

Have you tried everything to reduce body fat? Dieting? Physical exercise? Even liposuction?

Dermlaze skin laser centre recommends body fat reduction using Laserlipolysis. This laser fat removal technology removes excess fat deposits in specific areas of the body, especially areas unsuitable for traditional liposuction fat removal. Using a special laser system it breaks down the membranes of fat cells.

Fats that are normally resistant to dieting and physical exercise can now be treated through a laser-assisted lipolysis system with a totally revolutionary concept.

Benefits of Laserlipolysis treatment:*
* Reduced invasiveness; no unsightly procedure scars.
* Reduced trauma through therapeutic effects of laser.
* Reduced recovery time; can be performed during lunchtime.
* Possibility of treating areas unsuitable for traditional liposuction like the forearms, upper abdomen, inner thighs, face and knees.
* Improved skin appearance after treatment; promotes skin retraction and shrinkage.
* Less blood loss with simultaneous coagulation of blood vessels.

Before & After fat removal using Laserlipolysis*

Best Fat Reduction in Malaysia

Cryolipolysis treatment

Cryolipolysis, popularly known as Cool Sculpting, is a non-invasive local reduction of fat deposits to reshape body contours. This cool sculpting fat reduction treatment targets the breaking down of fat cells to reduce body fat without damage to other tissues like nerves and arteries using Cryolipolysis (cooling energy).

Treatment areas include:

  • Belly
  • Arm
  • Waist
  • Inner thigh
  • Flanks
  • Upper back
  • Lower back

Before & After Cryolipolysis treatment*

Best Fat Reduction in Malaysia

Question & Answer*

How long does the procedure take?
A Laserlipolysis treatment on average takes approximately one (1) hour depending on the size of the treated area. Patients can undergo this in doctors’ clinics and even return to work after a lunchtime procedure.

How quick will the recovery period take?
The patient can return to their normal activities almost immediately after the procedure although it is advisable to avoid strenuous sports, hot showers for 10 days, or intense massage for 4-5 weeks.

Will I have bruises or scars after the procedure?
The effects of bruising or swelling is significantly reduced compared to other more invasive procedures. The point of entry is so small that it does not require any stitches; only surgical glue and plaster is required.

When will I get to see results?
Some patients may see immediate results, with aspiration of excess fat. On average, most see the final results in about 2-3 months, and it may various among individual. There would be good improvement in the contour, regularity and contraction of the skin.

How long does the result last?
Results are long term, giving rise to a harmonious silhouette. It is important to note, however, the treatment does not guarantee that one would not gain weight or accumulate fat deposits in other areas of the body.

Fat reduction*


什么是雷射溶脂(Laser lipolysis)



一、 採取局部麻醉,利用目前最新的光纖探針0.1cm,將波長1064nm的銣雅鉻雷射光纖,深入皮下脂肪後,快速釋放雷射能量。
二、 雷射光的震波會震碎脂肪細胞的細胞膜,脂肪細胞破裂油脂流出,脂肪細胞的數量就會減少。術後經由身體的自然代謝及淋巴系統,將溶解的油脂排出體外,治療後可立即恢復日常作息。 大部位的雷射溶脂可經由邱醫師的引流技術,有效吸出。

一、 每次治療可以瘦一到兩吋,看局部脂肪的多寡而定。治療後明顯消除腹部和大腿、手臂的肥胖。
二、 均勻溶解脂肪,雷射溶脂術後溶解的脂肪,由身體自然的代謝將溶解掉的脂肪排出,加上膠原蛋白的增生,術後約需要3-4個月的時間完成組織的修復,使得原本脂肪堆積的部位,變成緊緻窈窕的曲線。

一、 懷孕或正在哺乳的婦女、糖尿病、中風、癌症、嚴重心臟病、有出血傾向、以及治療部位有皮膚疾病的患者,不適合進行本項治療。
二、 服用任何藥物或有任何藥物過敏史者,請在治療以前告知醫師。
三、 術後傷口如針孔般小,可能有少許滲出液。術後7天內白天需穿著70丹尼的緊身衣。若有需要引流的傷口,術後可能會有一針縫線,可在術後一周回診拆線。
四、 治療部位可能有少許淤青,二週後可開始促進淋巴及血液循環之療程。

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