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Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargement surgery also known as breast augmentation or breast enhancement.

Women who consider breast enlargements are seeking a larger cup size either following pregnancy or weight loss, not having fully developed to their desired size during puberty or suffer from asymmetry or tubular breasts. All of the above can affect a person’s confidence and feeling feminine which can be restored with this simple low risk breast enhancement procedure.

Breast enhancements of the new generation
Aqualift™ allows the specialist to estimate accurately the breasts volume and to refuse from silicone implants. This means the operation can be carried out much quicker with much less damage, thus safeguarding the patients against possible complications when using silicone implants.

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Breast Uplift
Child birth, weight loss, age, gravity, there are so many factors that can result in our breasts becoming further south than we hope. Sagging and drooping can make any woman feel deflated and lacking in confidence they once had. With a breast uplift which is more commonly referred to as a Mastopexy, breasts are restored to a pert and more youthful appearance, without the use of bras or tape. An implant can also be used with this procedure to create a fuller shape called a breast augmentation and uplift.

Breast Reductions
Extra-large breast can cause real physical discomfort as well as affecting day to day living, hindering what you can wear and taking part in physical activities. A female breast reduction can also be referred to as a mammoplasty and this procedure is where breast and skin tissue is taken away to reduce the weight and the volume of the breasts.

Performed by specialist breast surgeons a bilateral breast reduction (reduction of both breasts) can take 2-4 hours under general anaesthetic with a 1 -2 night stay in hospital depending how complex the procedure or the patients’ medical history. Fat and glandular tissue and skin is removed from the breasts which are then shaped naturally and the nipple and areola repositioned. Your surgeon will explain how much tissue he will be able to remove to ensure a natural breast shape can be created to suit your frame.

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