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Stem Cell Injection & Therapy in Malaysia – Anti Aging Solution

All about Stem cell therapy and injection in Malaysia - As we age, our bodies lose the ability to heal and recover from stress quickly.

Aging is a process that accumulates various changes in cells and tissues, that could be responsible for increasing the risk of diseases.

Stem cells are capable of renewing, repairing and replacing damaged tissue, which is very beneficial in fighting the effects of aging.

Stem cell injection in Malaysia aid in the growth of new blood vessels, which helps improve the flow of blood to tissue. It can reverse the signs of aging by improving our skin complexion, diminish wrinkles and fine lines, reduce pigmentation on the face, eliminate dark circles under the eyes, and lastly, give an overall youthful and healthy glow.

the effects of stem cell therapy and injection in Malaysia for anti-aging

Process of Stem Cell Therapy Injection in Malaysia

stem cell therapy in Malaysia

Lipoinjection can be used to treat facial changes associated with aging and to correct various types of depressed deformities such as hemifacial microsomia and pectus excavatum.

However, at Dermlaze, we use a novel strategy known as Cell-Assisted Lipotransfer (CAL). Findings have shown that tissue-specific progenitor cells in the adipose tissue have the capacity to differentiate into various cell lineages.

Thus, the progenitors, currently known as adipose-derived stem/stromal cells (ASCs), are expected to become a valuable tool in a wide range of stem cell based therapies.

We found that aspirated fat has approximately half the number of ASCs found in excised whole fat.

There are two main reasons for this relative deficiency:

  • A major portion of the ASCs is located around large vessels and left in the donor site after liposuction.
  • A part of the ASCs is released into the fluid portion of liposuction aspirates

We conclude that CAL treatment is effective and safe for soft tissue augmentation and superior to conventional lipoinjection.

Benefits of Using Stem Cell Injection & Therapy in Malaysia

Our stem cell therapy use your body's own biological material.

The general benefits of this are minimal recovery times and minimal risks. More specifically, it brings the benefits of:

  • Avoiding surgery along with its risks and complications. With stem cells, you have a non-surgical and minimally invasive treatment.
  • Post-procedural recovery time is lessened. It's not always the treatment that is time-consuming, but rather the recovery time. This is greatly minimized with stem cell therapy, which has an anti-inflammatory effect that allows wounds to heal quicker.
  • No need for general anesthesia
  • Since the stem cells come from your own body, there is no risk of rejection, nor a change of a communicable disease being transferred.
  • The other uses of stem cell are from fat called ADSC, which are used in fat augmentation procedures/skin rejuvenation/hair loss/knee damage etc

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